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Dangerous & Hazardous Goods / Prohibited Items

The accompanying data is proposed as a guide, anyway we generally suggest that you check the limitations of your picked transporter through their site. We likewise suggest that you check with customs at the objective country that you wish to ship off, as every nation has various strategies regarding what will be acknowledged into the country. In the event that you are in any uncertainty, if it's not too much trouble, contact our client administrations group. The accompanying things are Dangerous and Hazardous merchandise which ought not be delivered under any conditions.

Airbags for Cars
Ammunition Includes firearms, weapons, guns and includes parts and spent parts
Batteries Includes wet-cell and lithium
Camping Stoves Includes fuel containers
Christmas Crackers
Cleaners & Solvents
Compressed Air & Gas Cylinders
Dry Ice
Fire Extinguishers
Fuel Includes cooking fuel and any other flammable liquid
Hair Curlers (Containing Hydrocarbon Gas)
Infectious Substances
Life Jackets Includes self-inflating rafts
Liquid Bleach & Chlorine
Nail Varnish Includes Nail Varnish Remover
Paint & Turpentine
Pepper Spray
Perfumes Includes Aftershave
Radioactive Material
Safety Matches Including Torch and Cigarette Lighters
Seat Belts Including Seat Belt Pretensioners
Thermometer Includes Mercurial Barometer (contains mercury)

Prohibited Items

The following items are Prohibited Items and will not be accepted by the carriers.

Items Additional Information
Alcohol Includes any alcoholic beverage DHL will carry Alcohol.
Animals Includes living or dead animals, fish, insects, larvae, pupae etc
Animal Fur/Skin
Animal Products Including but notlimited to ivory, fur, and garments trimmed with fur
Articles of exceptional value Including works of art, antiques, precious stones, jewelry, gold and silver, collectable coins.
Body Parts Including human remains and ashes
Champagne Including other alcoholic beverages
Credit or Debit Cards Including any other bank cards
Illegal Drugs All illegal drugs including Khat. If illegal drugs are found, the police and/or HM Customs will be informed immediately.
Imitation Firearms Includes replica firearms, toy guns, weapons and other imitation explosive device or ammunition.
Jewellery High Value
Knives Includes Swords
Lab Samples Includes semen, blood and any other medical samples
Medical Samples Including but not limited to bodily fluids and tissue samples
Mobile Phones No lithium batteries accepted. No more than two mobile phones can be sent.
Money Including cash or cheques, or any other vouchers with a face value.
Personal Data Includes packages containing unencrypted personal data in electronic format
Perishable Foodstuffs Non-perishable foods can be accepted, subject to the customs policy of the destination country.
Precious Metals Includes any precious metals or precious stones
Printer Ink Includes any printer ink or toner cartridges
Stamps of unusual value
Tax Stickers & Banderols
Tobacco Includes all tobacco products
Watches Expensive
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